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United Nations Debating in New York

April 5, 2006

The HS Debating Team has recently returned from a most successful trip to New York.




Over 500 students from schools world-wide spent two days at the United Nations General Assembly taking part in a discussion on the Influence of Corporations. Jamaica sent the largest delegation with some 70 students from 12 schools.

The final two-hour session on Friday afternoon was the highlight of the trip when students were selected to take part in a discussion on environmental issues. Out of the 500 students only 5 were selected to address the Assembly from the podium. Two of these were students from the host school, the United Nations International School, a third girl came from Canada and a fourth from Libya.

To our delight, and the delight of the whole Jamaican delegation, Darryl Johnson was also selected!

Darryl, as always, had prepared thoroughly and he gave a speech of which we were justifiably proud. The Canadian and the two UNIS students were also strong speakers and Darryl held his own most capably in the debate. He was also very well prepared and fluent in his answers to questions from the floor. As the proceedings were drawing to a close the entire Assembly received a surprise visit from the Secretary General, Kofie Annan, who received a standing ovation from the students. Darryl was on the platform and was thrilled to be able to shake his hand.

This was certainly a proud moment for Hillel and, upon our return to Jamaica, the team was further honoured to receive an invitation to meet the Prime Minister, Hon. P.J. Patterson, who expressed his congratulations on this outstanding achievement.

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