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SACS letter to parents Re: Congratulations

April 27, 2006

April 27, 2006

Dear Parents, Staff and Students,

As you are all aware the S.A.C.S. team (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) has been with us this week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In so many ways and on so many occasions they congratulated us on our students; on the way they move around the campus, on their behaviour, on their talents, on the articulate way in which they express their views and upon the two wonderful assemblies put on by the Prep and the High Schools. They felt the warmth and care demonstrated by our teachers in their everyday interaction with the students. They were impressed by their total commitment to our students and the wonderful way in which the students respond to them.

We want to express our gratitude to the entire Hillel Family for all that has been done in making this such a successful experience. It is important to us to have the quality assurance of such a recognized and established organization as S.A.C.S. and we appreciate that a lot of very hard work has gone into achieving this. The School looks attractive, the students have been amazing and every teacher has pulled out all the stops! In the words of the Chairman of the S.A.C.S Quality Assurance Review Team,
“ Hillel Academy is undoubtedly a quality school.”

In recognition of our successful reaccredidation for the next five years we have decided to reward our hard working staff and students with a half day holiday this Friday, April 28th. School will be closed at 11:30 a.m. for all students and staff. We apologize for the short notice of this decision. The S.A.C.S. team made their presentation to us only yesterday afternoon. We are sure, however, you will want to join us in congratulating the Hillel Team for such an achievement.

As a reminder the Board of Governors is hosting an Open Forum on Tuesday May 2nd at 5 o’clock in the Samuel Henriques Assembly Hall. This is a question and answer session and will include a detailed report of the S.A.C.S. findings, commendations and recommendations.

With best wishes,

Joseph M. Matalon                  Sheila A. M. Purdom
Chairman                                Director

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