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Prep School Water Sports Successes

June 13, 2006

This has been a most successful year for our Prep School swimmers and water polo players. Team spirit has been high throughout, buoyed up by success after success and parents and teachers have turned out faithfully to offer their support and encouragement.

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In Meet after Meet our Prep School students have gone from one success to another. The year started with the Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica Meet where Hillel gained first place. This first place success was repeated in the Crimson Dawn Relays and in the Mayberry Investment Swim Meet where Hillel was the outright winner and also came first in the Boys 6 and Under, the Girls 6 and Under, the Boys 7-8, and the Boys 9-10 categories. The Prep School swimmers continued on the crest of the wave right though the Burger King Meet where, once again, they were the overall winners. The final Meet, Nestles, last weekend brought a disappointment as some of our strong swimmers were absent. While our boys finished in 2nd place, the Prep School found itself out of the medals for the first time this year with an overall 4th place result. Nevertheless, team spirit was very high and all team members must be congratulated upon such an outstanding season. Special congratulations must go to Coach Arianne and Coach Brown who have worked tirelessly to train the squad, to organize their entries and to be their for the children at all of the Meets. Well done to everyone!

The Prep School water polo team had an equally amazing season in the local league.
The results of their four matches are as follows:
Hillel Prep v St. Peter & St. Paul   won 4 – 3
Hillel Prep v Wolmers’ Mixed   won 5 – 1
Hillel Prep v Wolmers’ Boys   won 5 – 1
Hillel Prep v A.I.S.K.   won 5 – 3

The final league results were:

    First Place: Hillel Academy with 8 points
    Second Place: St. Peter & St. Paul with 6 points
    Third Place: Wolmers’ Boys with 4 points

Many congratulations to the water polo team and to Coach Lazlo Borbely.

We look forward to an equally strong season next year!

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