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September 20, 2006

HILLEL ACADEMY PTA Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Held on Tuesday September 27, 2005

Meeting was called to order by Mrs. Sharon Walker at 5:45p.m. A prayer was done by Mrs. Margaret Adam.

No apologies were recorded for any members of the outgoing PTA Executive. The previous AGM minutes were taken as read and were adopted by the members on a motion put by the President and seconded by Mrs. Tracy Melhado-Matalon.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Mrs. Walker presented her report and the main items of work done during the year by the PTA were highlighted.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Mr. Dhiman presented the Treasurer's report and the main items of funds raised and expenses incurred were highlighted. The Treasurer thanked the parents for their support during the year after pointing out that the PTA had a record year in which they managed to raise ~J$1.8m

The President then thanked the committee and the parents for their support during the year. The President also mentioned that she would not be seeking re-election to the new PTA Executive


- Election of Officers:

Voting was moderated by Mr. Alfredo Bennett, Principal of the High School. The new PTA Executive was elected as follows:

Fund Raising Chair:
Vice President, Prep School:
Vice President, High School:
Asst. Secretary / Treasurer:
Asst. Fund Raising Chair:
Sports Chair, Prep School:
Sports Chair, High School:
Mr. Vikram Dhiman
Mrs. Deborah Lanigan
Mrs. Rebecca Harper
Mrs. Lisa Levee
Mrs. Karen Whittingham
Mrs. Pearl Jones
Mrs. Catherine Handa
Mr. Omar Azan
Mrs. Sheila Moyston
Mr. Danny Coke

The new President thanked the outgoing President, Mrs. Walker for her immense contribution to the PTA and also welcomed the recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors of the School, Mr. Joseph M. Matalon to the meeting.

Any Other Business:

  • Heritage Week:

    The Director, Mrs. Purdom, stated that the Heritage week was to be held from October 10-12. The theme was "international" and among the activities planned were a costume parade with an international food fair to be held on October 12. The School had appointed Mrs. Flo Duncan as the co-ordinator for the activities for the Week.

  • Enrolment Fees:

    One parent questioned the Enrolment Fee charge for each child and wanted to understand the rationale behind the charge as well as how the enrolment fees were used by the School. The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the School, Mr. Joseph M. Matalon responded that the enrolment fees were mainly used by the School to make capital improvements and keep the plant and equipment of the school in good repair as well as to invest in new equipment from time to time. Mr. Matalon also stated that the enrolment fees were only a small part of the funds raised for capital improvements and that private donations by parents and other parties were the main source of funds for capital improvements and maintenance. Mr. Matalon also committed to make a presentation to the parents and teachers on the budget for the school as well as highlight the main areas of the income and expenditure by the school, once the budget was finalised.

  • Science Facilities for the Lower Grades:

    One parent stated that she would like to see additional and upgraded science facilities for the lower grades. The Director, responded that upgrades were being planned for the coming year and training would be provided to the teachers during the year.

  • Use of the School Website and electronic communication:

    The Director also mentioned that the school's website: would be used more to disseminate information about the school's activities as well as the calendar and encouraged the parents and teachers to visit the website more often to obtain important school related information.

  • Adjournment:

    There being no further matters, the President adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

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