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Donation of blood to Chain of Hope Heart Surgery for Children

November 14, 2006


November 13, 2006

Dear Parents

It has been brought to the school's attention through Debbie Chen, Executive
Director of the Heart Foundation of Jamaica (and herself a parent at Hillel) that
donations of blood are urgently needed for twenty (20) children aged 5 months to
12 years who are scheduled for heart surgery at the Bustamante Hospital for
Children starting today and continuing throughout this week.

The surgery is being done free of charge by the Chain of Hope Heart Team visiting
from the United Kingdom headed by the eminent Cardiac Surgeon, Professor Sir
Magdi Yacoub. Each child requires four units of blood collected. Without this
amount, surgery will not be possible. The types of blood most urgently needed are
O positive and A positive but ALL donations will be accepted.

Donors are asked to go to the Blood Bank either at Slipe Pen Road or the University
Hospital of the West Indies Mona. They must specify that their donation is for the
Chain of Hope Heart Surgery for Children.

Receipts for your blood donations should be brought or sent to Nurse Iver at the
school as soon as possible. Nurse Iver will in turn liaise directly with the Heart
Foundation of Jamaica.

We thank anyone who is able and willing to respond positively to this urgent appeal.

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