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December 5, 2006

  • Where a CXC subject has an SBA component, this is worth 20% of the final grade.
  • The component is mandatory. Therefore failure to comply with this requirement by the deadline will mean that the student will receive the grade 'UNG' in that subject, even if he/she subsequently excels in the written paper(s).
  • Completed SBAs must be submitted to the teachers by Wednesday 28th February, 2007, to allow time for the work to be bound for final presentation and then sent to the CXC Office.
  • Teachers at Hillel Academy make themselves available to assist students both during class time and, by arrangement, after school. There is no additional charge for this.
English Language No    
English Literature No    
Mathematics No    
Integrated Sciences Yes 'Practicals' carried out only in school labs. Home-based research required. Approx. 30 'practicals' over two-year period, carried out in class under teacher supervision and recorded by students in their Lab Books. These Lab Books must remain in school at all times.
Biology Yes
Chemistry Yes
Physics Yes
Caribbean History Yes Predominately at home through personal research. 3 SBAs (500 words each). Two completed in G10 & the third in G11. Topic is school selected. 2 weeks allocated for research and first draft. Then submitted to teacher for review before final submission.
Geography Yes Home & school based data analysis & research. One project based on any topic in the syllabus. Students collect data in the field then present and analyse the data under teacher supervision. The 2nd draft is due on January 9th 2007.
Social Studies Yes Students select social research topic. 1st phase has now been completed. 2nd phase is due for submission on Monday 8th January, 2007 with the completed SBA being submitted by February 28th.
French No    
Spanish No
Principles of Business Yes Home & school based data analysis & research. 1 SBA (2500 words) based on research & report of a business: its organization, production, marketing and finance.
Principles of Accounts Yes Class-based with additional personal data analysis & research. Simulation exercise of business transactions & accounting, demonstrating knowledge & application of principles of accounting. Time is set aside each Thursday in class for this work. SBA books MUST be brought to these classes.
Economics Yes Class-based with additional personal data analysis & research. 1 SBA (approx. 2000 words). Based on selected topics from the syllabus, select a Caribbean-based industry; research and discuss its impact on the local economy.
Technical Drawing Yes Home-based research required. Drawings done in school under supervision. 5 working technical drawings for the CXC-selected topic to be completed in G11 and to include written justification.
I.T. (General) Yes Home & school based data analysis & research. Students required to design / improve an information system. Work has begun and must be completed by February 28th 2007.
I.T. (Technical) Yes 3 practical assignments: word processing, spreadsheet, database management. (Spreadsheet & database assignments already completed.) Completed SBA is due February 14th 2007.
Art Yes Home-based research required. Practical work done in school under supervision. Art work to be completed throughout the two-year period. Then 6 representative pieces to be selected for inclusion in the folder.

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