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A Very Special "Thank You" From Nurse Rosie Iver.

September 19, 2007

To the Hillel Family, parents and students

Dear Friends,

A past Hillel student gave me a little book on Kindness from which I quote: "When a person does a good deed when he or she does not have to, God looks down and smiles and says - For this moment alone, it was worth creating the world".

The kindness you have all shown in so many ways has been beyond belief.

My time at Hillel, as most of you will now know, was interrupted abruptly by my husband's illness. The school administration has shown immeasurable generosity and understanding. In addition, all the expressions of love, concern and compassionate caring that were received from parents, whether by calls, messages, notes, cards or flowers has been overwhelming. And if that was't enough, very generous monetary contributions have been received. I acknowledge them all with enormous humility and gratitude.

It has been a stressful journey but, with skilled medical care, David has come through surgery with fortitude. His post-operative treatment will continue over the next few months. Your generosity has gone a long way in helping us to meet our substantial financial obligations. Your prayers have kept me going and have certainly helped my family to keep hope alive.

To my colleagues on the staff of the school, I thank you for your special friendship at this difficult time, and for your many messages of comfort as well as your prayers.

Last, but not least, to all those students who in their own and varied ways have expressed so much love and concern, I say a very big "thank you", I have missed you all, but you have helped so much to cheer me.

To the Grade 6 graduating class of 2007, thank you all for your most generous gift. My congratulations to you all. Stay well, stay safe and stay strong.

My family joins me in expressing all these sentiments. Our sincere good wishes to you all.

Rosie Iver

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