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Letter to all Hillel parents

November 6, 2007

Dear Parents,

We are writing to apologize to you for the confusion which ensued last Thursday when we were experiencing heavy rainfall and no electricity school wide. Our intention was to allow you to make your personal choice as to whether or not to leave your child in School. We did not intend an official School closure. The situation on Thursday was compounded by the fact that, without electricity, the School's telephone system was out of service. Similarly we could not activate email messages. This caused confusion and considerable concern about what our established procedures would be should School have to close due to an emergency.

Should an emergency arise the following procedures will be enacted immediately:
•The Director will seek approval of closure from the Chairman of the Board

•The Principals will then be informed

•The Principals will inform the PTA High and Prep School VPs

•These VPs will inform the class representatives, who will disseminate the information to all parents by cellular telephone.

Please note that in order for these procedures to be effective we need to be kept fully informed of your current cellular phone number. If this changes please inform the secretary in the High or Prep School and your class representative.

In appreciation of your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Sheila A.M.Purdom	   C. Lee				  A. Bennett
Sheila A.M. Purdom	   Carolyn Lee			       Alfredo Bennett
Director	        Prep School Principal	              High School Principal	

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