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CAS Information for High School parents

November 16, 2007


It is a requirement of graduation from Hillel Academy that each High School student completes the required number of hours for Community Service and extra-curricular activities each school year. This programme is designed to encourage students to share their energy and special talents with others. Through these activities students should develop greater awareness of themselves, concern for others, and the ability to work cooperatively with other people.

From September 2007, this programme will be modelled on the International Baccalaureate Organization CAS programme.

This is an acronym for:

Creative activities, replacing 'Non-Sporting Extra Curricular Activities'

Action, replacing 'Sporting Extra Curricular Activities'

Service, a continuation of our emphasis upon Community Service with wider application


  • Creative activities involve active participation in extra-curricular programmes such as debating, robotics, dance, drama, music and art.

  • Creativity hours can be gained through scheduled rehearsals and performances for school events such as Prize Giving, Heritage Week Celebrations, Carol & Chanukah Hour, Black History Month, Environmental Week, Modern Languages Week, concerts, musical productions and plays, and art exhibitions.

  • The School plays an active part in local events such as the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission Festival of the Arts and Model United Nations Debating. Students who represent the School will be awarded Creativity and Service hours.

  • Creativity can also include the creative thinking involved in planning and carrying out approved Community Service projects. Wherever possible, this should involve group work to promote team spirit and cooperation.


  • Action-based activities take place after normal school hours. Every student is required to participate in a sporting extra-curricular activity which may involve playing on a school sports team or participation in school-based or school-approved sports clubs.

  • Action and Service hours will be awarded to students who are selected to represent Jamaica in sporting events. The Activities and Events Coordinator must be fully informed of the event and the outcome.

  • Action can also include the physical activity involved in participating in such Community Service events as the Heart Fund Run, Relay for Life or environmental projects.


Service to others is the underlying theme of all CAS activities. Service hours may be gained in the following ways:

  • By regular, monthly commitment to visit one of the children's orphanages or schools. Additional visits are arranged at Christmas when the High School is involved in major fund-raising activities to present gifts to all the children they visit.

  • By taking part in full or half day school-organized projects.

  • By regular commitment to a school-approved, externally-organized service project agreed in advance with the Principal.

  • By regular and reliable service within the school community such as serving on the Student Council, fulfilling Prefect duties or providing other essential assistance.

Students should make every effort to complete at least three different Community Service Activities per academic year.
Each student is required to complete a brief summary, reflecting on their involvement in the activity and how they have grown personally.


  • All Grade 7, 8 & 9 students are required to complete 30 CAS hours each school year

  • All Grade 10 & 11 students are required to complete 60 CAS hours each school year

  • 6th Form students are required to complete 150 hours over two years

  • These hours may be completed in any combination of Creativity, Action and Service. Some activities will include components of all three. However, at least 5 -10 hours must be completed in each category.

  • The following list is not all-inclusive but reflects many of the ways in which Hillel Academy students will earn hours.


  • Prefect duties:
  •    10 hours per term
  • Service as a class representative on the Student Council:
  •    3 hours per term
  • Pre-assigned duties such as:
           - preparing the Hall for Tuesday Assembly:
           - preparing for school events & performances:
           - maintaining school notice boards:
           -helping with Clubs:

  •    3 hours per term
       as per time served agreed
        3 hours per term
       as per time served
  • Taking part in school performances and assemblies:
  •    as per time agreed
  • Participating in House competitions, sporting & non-sporting
  •    1 hour per match
  • Attending training sessions & regular participation in School teams
  •    1 - 10 hours per term


  • Visits to homes and basic schools:
  •     1 hour per visit
  • Participating in projects for homes and basic schools:
  •     as per time served
  • Participation in environmental projects:
  •     as per time served
  • Heart Fund Run:
  •   - Participation
       - fundraising sponsorship
  • Relay for Life
  •   - preparations during the day
       -evening participation in the relay
       - fundraising sponsorship
    JCDC participationor other local compititions
    Representing Jamaica at international events
        as per time served
        1 - 3 hours
        as per time served
        2 hours
        1 - 3 hours
        1 - 10 hours per term
        10 hours per event


    All students are required to participate in one extra-curricular sporting and one non-sporting activity each term. Hours will be awarded against the attendance registers submitted by coaches and club organizers as follows:
  • Excellent attendance
  • (9 -10 occasions each term) 5 hours per term
  • Good attendance
  • (6 -8 occasions each term)3 hours per term
  • Satisfactory attendance
  • (5 occasions each term) 2 hours per term
  • Unsatisfactory attendance
  • (less than 5 occasions each term)0 hours per term

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