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Debaters Make Hillel Proud!

April 24, 2008

On Tuesday April 15, seventeen students, accompanied by Miss. Hawthorn English Teacher and Junior Debating Coach, Mrs. Cheryl Holdsworth-Gayle, Head of the English Department and Senior Debating Coach, Mrs. Sheila Purdom, Director, Mrs. Tracy Melhado-Matalon, Business Manager and parents, Mrs. Debbie Dabdoub and Maylene Hugh-Sam, left for a Model UN Conference in Tampa Florida.

This Global Classroom Conference presented by the United Nations Association of the U.S.A. was put on primarily for Tampa public school students, with some 33 schools and 850 participants!

Hillel students made their School proud by winning 4 prestigious awards. Honorary Mention is awarded to delegates deserving special mention for their performance and Best Position Paper to the delegates composing the best position paper in each committee. Hillel's Debating Team and their awards were as follows:

Junior Debaters:
Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ):

  • Rafiq Chandiram and Peter Cargillrepresenting The United Republic of Tanzania were awarded Honorary Mention

  • Ali Matalon and Katherina Dabdoub representing India were awarded Honorary Mention

  • Timothy Worton and Jason Hugh Sam representing Libya

  • Security Council (SC):
  • Justine Seivright and Luca Khouri representing Libya were awarded Best Position Paper overall for all the middle school participants.

  • Econimic and Social Council (ECOSOC):
  • Raquel Gordon and Danielle Todd representing Mauritania were awarded Honorary Mention.

  • Senior Debaters:
    Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC):
  • Chanz Cloutier and Alana Igbe representing Greece

  • Security Council (sc):
  • Raoul Mahtani and Scott Naar representing Libya

  • UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • Sabrina Sirgany and Lacy Sibblies representing Greece

Jodi-Ann Chung of grade 7 who did research came along to support the team.

The conference was extremely well organized and students were exposed to true UN Debate procedures.

Everyone had a great time and the only debatable question now is which city next year!

Sincere congratulations to all our debaters and teachers who performed their best and did so well!

Proud Teachers

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