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September 23, 2008

Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of Hillel,

Our first month of school has been joyful and eventful. The many "Back to School" information evenings, the PTA planning meeting and tonight's AGM, the committee meetings to plan our 40th Anniversary celebrations all took place smoothly, parallel to the academic planning, teaching and sport. I have been impressed by the dedication and spirit shown in all aspects of school life.

The rejoicing of teachers and students over exam results in both Prep and High School is well merited. Congratulations to the CAPE and GSAT students, and a special applause to the IGCSE class, whose A* and A grades were amazing. Special recognition must go to the teachers who motivated, inspired and cajoled them to do their very best academically.

However, service has not been overshadowed at Hillel. Over a hundred students and adults, guided by Ms. Duncan, joined the Jamaican Environmental Trust and concerned citizens all across the world on September 20th to help clean up and save natural treasures, such as the Palisadoes. Congratulations!

The Environmental Club is raising awareness about plastic recycling and plans to create a composting project at school, to teach by doing. Well done!

Parents, too, have not forgotten those in need. When asked to give assistance to Father Gregory's Mustard Seed Homes, so sorely tried by recent weather, parents literally filled my office with their contributions. Thank you, parents, for giving me this generous introduction to the Hillel community, and thanks to Amber Stewart for help in delivering the donations to their destination.

These five weeks have flown by, and you have all been gracious and welcoming. Thank you for this and for your support for Hillel Academy. I believe that together we will make this year a wonderful learning adventure for the children and for us.

Yours truly,
Peggy Bleyberg

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