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Easter Greeting

April 1, 2009

Dear Students, Parents and Friends of Hillel,

The most recent excitement I have seen relates to the races and sports days at Hillel. It was fun to share the preparations and to photograph the participants, both athletes, coaches and supporters. The route for the 3K was different from last year, but many runners told me it was "no problem!" The enthusiasm of the running moms is captured on Ms Duncan's bulletin board as an example of the Sports Day Spirit. After the race, these same ladies served up cakes and chicken to help make the day more fun. Congratulations to all who made this day joyful and successful!!

The Bacchanal party thrown for the students by the PTA was a great success, complete with carnival costumes, music and food. Many thanks to the brave PTA men and women who made it possible.

I was proud that Mr Alan Beckford of the JAA took the time to share his message of road safety with us. No matter how many times we hear the importance of seat belts and defensive driving, we still need reminders, which he showed us in living color.

Speaking of color, I especially love the exhibits of student art work shown in the foyer. It has been really good to have some pieces gracing my office, too. I know there will be many more shows in the coming weeks, and I hope students will show their appreciation and encourage their classmates.

I am looking forward to the High School play, A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS, and to the "Andrew Lloyd Weber Concert" in April. But first, we have Easter Break!! I wish you all a happy, exciting and safe vacation. Enjoy, do what needs to be done, catch up on your reading and be ready for the next term. God keep us all safe until we meet again.

Peggy Bleyberg
Hillel Academy

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