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Grade 12 Students Painting the Jamaica Society for the Blind

January 27, 2010

The Jamaica Society for the Blind (JSB) located 111 ½ Old Hope Road, is an organization dedicated to the support and welfare of Jamaica's citizens who are visually impaired. At Hillel Academy, we recognize the importance of the JSB and fully support its efforts. Form teacher, Mrs. H. Lamm first identified the needs of the JSB and shared her findings with the lower 6th form students, who enthusiastically endorsed the JSB as their Community Action & Service (CAS) project. Throughout a series of fund raising events including a work out session at Shakti, (conducting by our own Rachel Zacca), students were able to raise over $80,000.

On January 9, 2010 the lower 6th forms combined their efforts along with Mr. Cleary, (form teacher at Hillel), to paint walls, donate and install new furniture valued at approximately $140,000, donate books on tape, as well as a further monetary donation of $50, 000 to the society.

Mrs. Virginia Woods, Managing Director of the JSB, expressed the gratitude of the JSB and praised the hard work and generosity students.

The success of this project was made possible because of the enthusiasm of the students, the kind contribution of Shakti, The Paint Shop, Java Décor, Wysinco, the outstanding contribution of grade 12's parents, and the dedication of our form teachers.







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