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Prep School Child Month Celebrations

May 21, 2010

Grade 3 hosted the Month of the Child assembly on May 17th, and the theme was music.

Tina Swaby sang, Amy Hussey played violin, and the winning debate team and tennis players were honoured.

However, the surprise treat was the appearance and wonderful music of Christopher McDonald on keyboard, the great Dwight Richards on trumpet, and the legendary Dean Fraser on saxophone.

All the students sang and clapped along, enthralled by the experience.

grade 3 023.JPG
(Tina Swaby)

grade 3 003.JPG
(Amy Hussey)

grade 3 035.JPG
(The Debating Team)

grade 3 037.JPG
(The Tennis Players)

grade 3 016.JPG
(Left to Right - Dwight Richards on Trumpet, Dean Fraser on Saxaphone & Christopher McDonald on Keyboard)

grade 3 010.JPG
(The Legendary Dean Fraser)

grade 3 034.JPG
(Dean Fraser on Saxaphone & Dwight Richards on Trumpet)

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