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June 3, 2010

Hillel Preparatory's Debating Team hosted the Semi-Finals of the Prep Schools Debating Competition.

The team chalked up another victory and are in the National Finals!

Lauren, Brianna and Amanda, of Hillel's Team, prevailed over Columbus Prep, and Lauren was named best speaker.

Albion Prep prevailed over Supreme Prep, and will face Hillel in the National Finals.

Details of the broadcast time and station will be announced at school and online, at a later date.

TT + debate semis 015.JPG
The Hillel Team prepares for their debate

TT + debate semis 017.JPG
The Hillel Team takes note of key points for their rebuttal

TT + debate semis 009.jpg
The Hillel Academy Debate Team
(l-r Amanda Taylor, Lauren Gray & Brianna Thompson)

TT + debate semis 007.JPG
The Supreme Prep Debate Team

TT + debate semis 010.jpg
The Columbus Prep Debate Team

TT + debate semis 019.JPG
The Albion Prep School Debate Team

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