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Welcome Back to School Letter

August 26, 2010

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30 August 2010
Dear Parents, Teachers, Staff Members and Friends of Hillel Academy,
Welcome back from what I hope was a pleasant and restful summer. As we begin the 42nd year of our School, it is my privilege to share some thoughts with you. First of all, thanks and congratulations are due to our wonderful teachers, in both the Prep and High Schools. We know and appreciate the professional and dedicated work they do every day. In addition, their fine performances are also documented by the continued excellence of the external verifications we are confident enough to seek from the Jamaican Ministry of Education, the IB, the Cambridge International Examinations Board in the UK and the Educational Records Bureau in the US. Congratulations are due to parents and students, as well, for the marvellous results in the external examinations for GSAT, IB and IGCSE. The Principals will be sharing their analyses with you, but I cannot resist exclaiming my pride in the fine performance of our students. Hillel can truly hold its head high in the international educational community, as well as in Jamaica. Of course, without the efficient and professional support of the administration and ancillary staff members, none of us would be able to achieve our goals. They have assured our safety and good order, and have assisted us all at every step of the way. They deserve our congratulations and thanks, as well. This new school year will have some challenges that we are planning for, especially with the coming accreditation activities. The community members who stepped forward last spring to begin this journey by chairing committees have done a fine job and deserve our gratitude: Mr. Matalon, Ms. Webster, Mr. Bennett, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Vicens-Stewart and Mr. Henriques. Many thanks to them and to all the members of their teams, who will be completing their part of the mosaic next month. In October we will be asking all the members of our community to participate in another survey on-line, to get really broad input from you on School performance and success. Please keep an eye out for the announcements regarding this important aspect of accreditation that we all have the opportunity to share. We can be sure that the coming year will also hold some challenges we are not expecting. Hopefully we will treat them as opportunities for cooperation and mutual support, sharing information effectively and lending a hand in moments of need. We are not people who just "Talk the Talk" of community building; we will pull together to "Walk the Walk", too. These stressful times call for our best efforts, and our children will benefit if we work closely together. "Learning for Living" is the goal that has inspired the School over the decades. I am so happy to be sharing this next part of the journey with you. As we say in Jamaica, "Walk Good"!
Peggy Bleyberg

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