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Dr. Audrey Pottinger

September 1, 2010

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Dr. Audrey Pottinger conducted a day-long training workshop for Hillel Prep School teachers on managing emotionally challenged children as a part of the in-service week before School opened. Dr. Pottinger discussed management strategies, causes and behaviors indicating emotional distress, and communication methods to involve parents and family members. She presented case studies and demonstrations, and helped teachers to build their skills in this important area of classroom instructional delivery.

Dr. Pottinger is a senior lecturer and consultant clinician at UWI. She has specialized in loss, trauma and grief counseling and runs a clinic at UHWI specializing in grief and trauma counseling. She has many publications and a second book, to be released soon, on the topic of coping with divorce and separation.

Her presentations to the teachers were much appreciated. Hillel Academy is grateful for her participation in our professional development.

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