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November 8, 2010

The Prep School Parent Assembly was held on Nov. 8. Its theme was "The Value of Service". Parents presented the fruits of their research into the star personalities who give service to Hillel and enable and enliven our School, outside the classroom. Mrs. Celia Hinds was the MC. Mr. Peter Asher introduced the students to the nurse, Jenny Pragnal. Mrs. Chin presented the head of security, Mrs. Beverley Bennett. Mrs. Lazarus showed the secrets of Mrs. Arlene Lynn. Mrs. Paula Pairman told about the 21 years of service Mrs. Rosy Hylton-Williams has given. Mrs. Anne-Marie Asher presented Mr. Donald Reilly, Head of Maintenance. The students responded with enthusiasm.

A special round of applause went to the Squad Football Team, recognized for a solid series of wins so far and well on their way to the final round of The Alberga competition.

Congratulations to all on a fine assembly!!
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