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November 16, 2010

President Ali Matalon and Vice-President Dylan Jackson spoke of their plans and hopes for the year. The School Song was sung with energy. The Mission statement was recited. Student plans for fund raising and community service were outlined. Issues raised by students were addressed and a special plea went out to be compassionate and mindful of our need to be kind and supportive to each other. The band provided music and song, and Jason Baugh rapped a new Student Council rap, with his fan girls and a very enthusiastic audience. The girls' football team was cheered, as was the basketball team and the boys under-19 team. Students from grade 11 announced their efforts to help Hope Gardens Zoo, and jeans day was announced for Friday, Nov. 19. Thanks were given to faculty supervisor Mrs. Fernandez for her unstinting efforts to support Student Council work.

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As the Hillel Academy Student Council, we make the following pledge to the student body: We shall ensure that the voices of the students are respectfully heard and acted upon, and see that the students' best interests are properly served. We shall uphold the rights of all students, serving as the connection between the students and the Hillel Academy authoritative community. We shall constantly strive towards improving the quality of life of all students. We will strive to create and sustain school spirit and promote involvement of the student body. These are the responsibilities that we undertake whole heartedly and of our own willingness.

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