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December 14, 2010

Snow fell on the Hillel stage during the annual Carol and Hannukah Hour. Students and staff sang, danced and played instruments as the stories of Hannukah and Christmas in Jamaica were told. Three choirs and two musical ensembles, plus two dance troupes performed to a packed house.

Congratulations to performers and organizers for a beautiful tribute to the talent and history of Jamaica.

Carol and Ch DSC01209.JPG

carol and ch '10 018.JPG

carol and ch '10 020.JPG

carol and ch '10 023.JPG

carol and ch '10 027.jpg

Carol and Ch DSC01220-1.JPG

carol and ch '10 038.JPG

carol and ch '10 051.jpg

Carol and Ch DSC01206.jpg

Carol and Ch DSC01212 (2).jpg

Carol and Ch DSC01215.JPG

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