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January 25, 2011

The 2011 Cub Scout investiture ceremony saw 18 young men pledge with the Scout Promise to uphold the Cub Scout Law. Akela Locke conducted the ceremony. The blessing was given by Mrs. Adam. Words of encouragement came from Mrs. Lee and the vote of thanks was offered by Mrs. Bleyberg. Congratulations, Scouts and parents, and thank you, Akela Locke!

Congratulations to:Cristian Gordon, Amir Azan, Charles Harper, Roman Tavares-Finson, Leo Utoguchi, Jake West, Russell Benjamin, Joshua Bayliss, Eoin O'Leary, Benjamin Sylvester, Thomas Casali, Shawn Crocker, Kristian Chin, David Summerbell, Blaise Sauterel-Archambeau, Jacob Levy, Cole Nash and Blake Nash.

Cub scouts 005.JPG
Cub scouts 010.JPG
Cub scouts 018.JPG
Cub scouts 022.JPG
Cub scouts 024.JPG
Cub scouts 025.JPG
Cub scouts 026.jpg

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