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February 18, 2011

Once again Hillel showed our commitment to serving the community during this year's Heart Fund Run. The dedication of our School won applause and prizes again. The trophies for the largest contingent, for the most funds raised and for the highest individual fundraiser all came home to Hillel, along with prizes and awards for many students and for the two staff organizers: Mrs. Flo Duncan and Nurse Jenny Pragnell.

Congratulations to all who ran and supported the Heart Fund.

Heart fund - PD prep 001.JPG
Heart fund - PD prep 003.JPG
Heart fund - PD prep 008.JPG
Heart fund - PD prep 012.jpg
Heart Fund Run_0009.jpeg
Heart Fund Run_0026.jpeg
Heart Fund Run_0015.jpeg
Heart Fund Run_0021.jpeg
Nurse 0007.jpeg

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