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March 22, 2011

The departing IB Grade 13 class took the assembly to salute their colleagues, thank their teachers and entertain everyone. From the IB Ten Commandments through a reggae rap, the class, dressed in the clothes of their future careers, took the stage with poise and good spirits. From A to Z for the last time, Rachel Zacca and Joe Adam mc'd the event in chic style. Rachel Russell spoke to the teachers while students distributed the traditional flowers. A new Williams/Douglas/ Cayetano trio debuted and serenaded their class. The closing original lyrics cover number was a hit.
Congratulations to the Class of 2011!!! Memorable, as always!!!
IB2 assembly 001.JPG
IB2 assembly 005.JPG
IB2 assembly 006-1.JPG
IB2 assembly 013.JPG
IB2 assembly 016.JPG
IB2 assembly 017-1.JPG
IB2 assembly 024.JPG
IB2 assembly 036.JPG

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