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April 4, 2011

The IB Art Show ran, to rave reviews, from April 1 to 3. Their IB exam requires candidates to mount their own show and discuss their work with an outside professional examiner. The show provides students with an audience to practice speaking about art while showing the work they have completed over two years. Teachers, parents, staff and students visited the exhibition.

Congratulations to the students and their teacher Angie Worton!!!

hs  art  IB 017.JPG

hs  art  IB 040.JPG
hs  art  IB 042.jpg
hs  art  IB 037.JPG
hs  art  IB 003.JPG
hs  art  IB 005.JPG
hs  art  IB 011.JPG
hs  art  IB 012.JPG
hs  art  IB 014.JPG
hs  art  IB 015.JPG
hs  art  IB 023.JPG
hs  art  IB 025.JPG
hs  art  IB 033.JPG

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