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April 27, 2011

Congratulations to Sinai Blue House on a great victory during Sports day! And to Yellow House for the cheerleading Victory!!! All the houses participated to the fullest and showed fabulous spirit.

Well done, Coach Bennett and staff!!!

hs sport 010.JPG

sport  hs 012.JPG
sport  hs 014.JPG
sport  hs 024.JPG
sport  hs 048.JPG
sport  hs 060.JPG
sport  hs 078.JPG
sport  hs 092.JPG
sport  hs 122.JPG
sport  hs 123.JPG
hs sport 002.jpg
hs sport 027.JPG
hs sport 028-1.JPG
hs sport 006.JPG
hs sport 009-1.JPG
hs sport 017.JPG
hs sport 024.JPG
hs sport 034.JPG
hs sport 038.jpg

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