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November 16, 2011

The Modern Languages Dept. wowed the High School with their assembly on Nov. 15th. MCs Kelsea and Jason led the event and began with a prayer in 3 languages. The choir sang, grade 12 sang and played, the dancers from IB performed - with special guest artistes. Grade 9 performed a skit, the representatives of the Alliance Francaise greeted the students and shared the mission of the organization and the role of Franco-Caribbean tertiary education. Mr. Goren shared his experiences as a multi-lingual businessman and parent. A modern languages Trivial Pursuits challenge saw winners across the High School and among teachers!!!!

The best part was the food tasting at the fair in the quad during lunch, amid displays and information booths. The School even sang Happy Birthday to Alex Brewster!

Thanks to parents who helped and congratulations to students and teachers - you made this a great celebration!!!

Mod Lang Assembly 2125.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2126.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2130.jpg
Mod Lang Assembly 2134.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2143.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2153.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2158.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2163.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2166.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2169-1.JPG
Mod Lang Assembly 2170.JPG

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