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November 28, 2011

Goofy Day. 2011 combined the fund raising project of grade 13 with the doughnut and tea sales of Ms. Chambers' class. The combined efforts were a great success.

Congratulations to students, mellow DJ D. Ricketts and teachers!!!

Goofy Day DSCN2347.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2350.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2351.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2352.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2353.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2354.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2356.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2359.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2361.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2362.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2368.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2370.JPG
Goofy Day DSCN2349.jpg

Proceeds from Goofy Day go to aid a child in need of open heart surgery.

The doughnut sale assisted the Bethlehem Orphanage.

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