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Making Wise Choices

May 15, 2012

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This High School assembly focused on two Jamaicans who made great choices: Nurse Mary Jane Secole from the 19th Century and today's Jovani Williams, 5th former and star violinist. Nurse Secole shared her journey past racial and gender discrimination to the Crimean War front, where she pioneered care for the wounded from every side of conflict. Jovani, son of Jamaican musician John Williams, told students of his path of self-discipline and choices which led him to win JCDC and begin his professional career. He also played, to the delight of the students. The assembly also honored the new cohort of students from Grades 12 and 10 who completed training and chose to serve s Peer Counselors. Deputy Head Boy Alex Brewster spoke on their behalf. Congratulations, new Peer Counselors!!!

John Williams honored the school by playing the National Anthem at the close of the assembly.

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