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Hillel Academy's Pony Club

September 7, 2012

pony club fund rasier badge-1.jpg
Pony Club members receive their Fund Raiser badge from Mrs. Lawson at The JSPCA on Thursday 6th September 2012.

Hillel team 2012.jpg
Hillel's first Polo Team was formed in January 2012. Joshua Bayliss, Abi Burns, Coach Jorge Donovan, Captain Jason Willetts, Dylan Wong.

Pony Club026.JPG
AISK chasing Hillel's Jason Willetts during the first Inter-School Polo Match in the history of Jamaica in March 2012.

pony club084.JPG
Abi Burns receives the Sportsmanship award from Coach Jorge Donovan after the Inter-School Match in March 2012.

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