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School and House Leaders Elected

October 1, 2012

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School Leaders are elected by the teachers and their peers to represent Hillel in all aspects. These students presented themselves confidently in their speeches on Friday. It was indeed a proud moment for us all. We welcome: Yssia Cespedes-Head Girl, Gabrielle Worton-Deputy Head Girl, Phoenix Jarrett-Head Monitor, Rachel Miller-Deputy Head Monitor, Eoin O'Leary-Head Boy, Joshua Dixon-Deputy Head Boy, Alexander Williams-Head Monitor and Jhared Allen-Deputy Head Monitor. Ms. Prudence Dyer had the honour of badging our house leaders who were elected by their house members and teachers. The responsibilities of the house leaders are to plan meetings, inter-house competitions, encourage house spirit and model good sportsmanship. The 2012-2013 House Leaders for Carmel is: Brandon Lue-House Captain, John Paul Asher-Deputy House Captain, David Senna Summerbell-Sports Captain and Noah David Ho-Tai, Deputy Sports Captain; Maccabees: Jessica Sylvester-House Captain, Kailen Jade Wiggon, Deputy House Captain, John Azar-Sports Captain and Jhared Allen-Deputy Sports Captain; Masada: Jacob Lazarus-House Captain, Laila Roberts, Deputy House Captain, Maximilian Clivio-Sports Captain and Minette van Rensburg-Deputy Sports Captain; Sinai: Mia Lake-House Captain, Alyssa Lowe-Deputy House Captain, Emile Ashley-Sports Captain and Blaise Bicknell-Deputy Sports Captain.

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