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Another Proud Moment

February 27, 2013

">Seminole 2013 and Jan 2013 735.JPG

Seminole 2013 and Jan 2013 739.JPG

Seminole 2013 and Jan 2013 742.JPG

Seminole 2013. 731.JPG

Chad Ziadie and Brandon Reid did us proud at the 2013 Seminole Cup held recently in Florida where over 500 shooters from 9 countries participated. Although the courses were very challenging due to the use of the more modern traps that are used to throw the targets much faster and further than we would normally see at our club and set at a much higher level than we shoot here. They each won 4 awards, Chad-E 1st 100 target event, scored 71; E 2nd FITASC 100 target event, scored 66; E 3rd 100 target event, scored 64; and E 2nd MAIN EVENT 200 targets, scored 143. Brandon: D 1st and Sub Junior 3rd 100 target event ,scored 71; D 2nd and Sub Junior 3rd MAIN EVENT 200 targets, scored 147. Congratulations boys!!!!

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